What is the feeling of exhaustion?

What is exhaustion? Literally, it is easy to be understood as “exhausted”, which is not really the case. In short, exhaustion is to do a group of actions, and do not have enough strength to repeat it again.

For example: my maximum weight of push is 77.5kg once, I have done it once with 77.5kg, so I can achieve exhaustion. So on, I can do it 7 times with 69 kg, so I do it 7 times with 69 kg, and I will reach exhaustion.

Schwarzenegger’s definition of exhaustion is that exhaustion is not to exhaust all the body’s strength, but to the target muscle can not be repeated even once more.

In Wade bodybuilding system, it is very important to stress the importance of exhaustion. They will use some means such as “cheating group” and “peer assistance” to further make muscles “exhausted”.

Is it necessary to do “Exhaustion” in fitness

There is controversy about this issue, but in order to get progress, some groups are still necessary to do exhausting. To keep on exhausting, we can constantly surpass exhaustion. This is the key to progress!

Because exhaustion can promote muscle growth better.

When we do strength training, it can cause slight damage to muscle fibers. The slight damage and tear of muscle fibers, as well as the subsequent recovery and reconstruction process, are the process of strength training stimulating muscle growth.

So what we have to do is to stimulate the muscle to the maximum extent, and to exercise exhaustion, can cause more muscle minor damage in a shorter time, and stimulate muscle fibers thoroughly and comprehensively!

Moreover, compared with best fitness equipment for home gym not practicing exhaustion, exhaustion can make the growth hormone in the body reach a higher level.

Three criteria for muscle exhaustion

Many people don’t understand what muscle exhaustion means, or they can’t judge muscle exhaustion well. They usually start to rest before they have exhausted, or they have exhausted and continue to train. The former has poor effect and the latter is easy to get hurt.

Here are three criteria for muscle exhaustion:

1、 Unable to maintain the standard of movement, representing muscle exhaustion

The first criterion of muscle exhaustion is the action standard. If you can’t do the standard of action, it means that your muscles are exhausted. Of course, this exhaustion is called action exhaustion.

For example, we practice the push. If you practice the barbell to start shaking around, it means that the push is exhausted, and you should rest.

But if you push, you can see that you have been out of the standard practice and continue to push. If no one is assisting, you will sprain your shoulder, which is not worth the money.

For example, push up, if you can’t help collapsing, it means you have exhausted your push-up. If you continue to practice push ups under the condition of waist collapse, the stimulation of chest muscles is relatively small, and it is also easy to squeeze the lumbar spine, which makes the lumbar spine ache.

But if you can easily do push ups and only have a little bit of pain in your arms, you should continue until the action criteria are not maintained so that chest stimulation will be better.

So usually judge muscle exhaustion, generally it is to judge by the inability to maintain the action standard. In the case of easy maintenance of the action standard, muscle soreness does not mean muscle exhaustion, and do not stop training easily.

2、 Muscle does not have a sense of bearing, which means muscle exhaustion

Some people train people to assist, so it is difficult for you to appear the abnormal movement situation in the condition of others’ assistance, so it is not possible to judge muscle exhaustion by the action non-standard for a while.

At this time, you can judge muscle exhaustion by your own muscle feeling. If you feel that the muscle is not bearing, it means that you are exhausted.

For example, when squatting deeply, when others assist, you can do a very standard action, but the legs feel soft and have no confrontation power, which means that we are exhausted.

It doesn’t make sense to continue to practice squats at this time, because it takes a lot of effort by others to assist. This situation not only does not only make you lack training effect, but also the action itself is very dangerous.

There are also some small muscle groups that are prone to compensation, such as when the shoulder is training side flat, many people can not feel the shoulder force, but the movement can continue to do, this situation also belongs to shoulder exhaustion.

The reason why you can continue to do lateral flat lifting is actually the result of the force of the back and trapezius muscle. This training not only has poor effect on the shoulder training, but also tends to show shrugging. The acromion impact is also easy to appear at this time.

3、 Can’t do the whole process, indicating muscle exhaustion

For some small muscle groups, it is difficult to judge muscle exhaustion through the above two methods. Then we can judge whether we can complete the whole course of the action. If the action is incomplete, it also indicates muscle exhaustion.

For example, when biceps do bending, if you do not bend, it means that biceps brachii has exhausted. Many people bend to the end and only do the general process, which shows that the biceps muscle has exhausted.

If you continue to practice bending without finishing the whole process, there is a great chance to cause biceps to be injured, because the strength of the small muscle group is relatively poor, so the risk of injury is also higher.

The same is true for triceps, do the action of bending arm down. If your arm is not straight, you can consider stopping the action and then taking a rest.

If you can’t press your arm down, you can still do it. It’s not standard. You don’t know. So it can hurt our elbow or shoulder.

It is not possible to judge the whole course of the movement. It is generally only suitable for small muscle groups, such as shoulder, arm and waist and abdomen, while for the major muscle group, it is not yet able to explain muscle exhaustion for a while.

When the above three standards are met, your muscles are exhausted. We usually need to chase the muscle exhaustion, which is the best condition of muscle exhaustion. If you don’t have to get rid of your muscles, you will rest. The effect of muscle enhancement is poor. If you have exhausted and continue, you will be vulnerable to injury.

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