The arm is not thick enough? You have to learn these skills

We will encounter some problems in the process of practice. We feel that our arm circumference can’t be improved.

First, we need to ensure the standard of training. We all want to complete a larger weight of bending or greater weight of arm flexion, which can stimulate the muscles more and grow the muscles faster.

Remember that you can’t increase the 110 lb dumbbell weight of training by reducing the accuracy of your movements, not to say that the greater the weight of a simple exercise, the more useful it is. Secondly, we should pay more attention to the training of triceps brachii, because its muscles account for two-thirds of the muscles on the arm. Only by practicing the triceps can the arm look thicker. What we need to note here is that we can train with the antagonists at the same time, and the training will be better.

What do we need to pay attention to in the process of arm muscle training? At least one or two over head training actions are needed, because this can fully stimulate the long head of triceps brachii. For example, we usually use narrow-range push and forearm flexion. We should ensure that at least 10 actions in each group can be done when we do these projects.

Because this is to make triceps brachii more stimulated, so that the muscle fibers of triceps have something to do with muscle augmenter target=_ Blank > the fast muscle fibers were stimulated well and the effect of improving the circumference was achieved. Some people like to train with free weight, and the training variety is to be diversified to avoid the muscle memory.

We can choose to concentrate on bending to increase the tension of muscles, and keep the muscles in a tense state during training. Whether it is bending or stretching, we should slow down as much as possible when we do the exercises. The purpose of this is to focus on controlling the contraction and stretching of muscles better. Of course, rope training is also a good training Practice the project.

The problem still exists in training is the imbalance of muscle development. We should avoid such problems. If such a situation occurs, it will take a long time to adjust it back, which will have a great impact on our fitness training. So make sure that when you are training on both sides, your arms are equally strong.

Finally, we can stretch the fascia, because it is necessary to stretch the fascia thoroughly to keep the muscle growing. High intensity training is also an important method of fitness training. It can effectively improve the flow of blood in the muscle. We can reduce some weight and increase the number of training groups to let more blood be transported to the muscles on the arm, improve the pump sense of the arm, make the muscle grow faster and the arm is thicker.

As long as you learn these skills carefully and correct your previous mistakes, you still worry about the arm being not strong enough?

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