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Let us help you get started with our superior LED lighting products. Warm white colour temperature ranges between 2700K – 3500K, producing an orange to yellowish colour giving it a cosy, calm, inviting and intimate ambience. Best suitable in areas like the living rooms, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, restaurants or decorative outdoor lighting. The offered 3 W led down light is made with quality proven products with current technology. Additionally, this LED down light is meticulously inspected under the guidance of professionals. Our customers can take this LED down light along with different stipulations at pocket friendly rates. If necessary due to installation restrictions or lighting requirements the mounting height can be changed to high or low by removing the spacer ring and changing the reflector accordingly.

Tighten the screws over the wires to secure them in place. The downlight will have 1 black or red wire, 1 white wire, and 1 uninsulated wire. Some hole saws have an adjustable blade that you can loosen and move so it’s easier to remove the piece of ceiling. Hold the blade of the saw so it’s perpendicular to the ceiling and the middle bit sits on the mark you made. Pull the trigger on the drill to start the hole saw and apply light pressure so the middle bit goes into the ceiling. Make sure the saw blade stays flat so you don’t cut your hole crooked. Pull the trigger in short bursts to work through your ceiling until you feel the saw pop out from the other side. You can usually find the cut out size listed somewhere on the downlight’s packaging. You can buy downlights from your local home improvement or hardware store.

Installation is done quickly and easily in most standard six-inch frames. The RT5/6 HO downlight is offered in 650 lumen, 700 lumen, 900 lumen and 1500 lumen options and achieves up to 88 lumens per watt. The RT5/6 HO is designed to deliver light output comparable to traditional 1x13W, 1x18W, 1x26W and 2x26W pin based compact fluorescent luminaires. Deep Recessed LED Downlights feature deep step back light source and anti glare light effect. We offer a large range of deep downlights – fixed and adjustable, round and square, slim trim and trimless (plaster-in), single and twin heads, etc. Great for residential houses, hotels, restaurants and bars, etc.

Enjoy lasting performance with LED options designed to last for extended periods of up to 50,000 hours. Buy in bulk or small quantities, depending on how large the target installation area is. Because all LIFX lights are WiFi connected, you don’t need an accompanying bridge or hub to get started. We offer best quality range of SMD Downlight to our esteemed customers. These are provided with Power Led Up-down Light application that is ideal for outdoor and indoor places. We offer these SMD Down lighter in various specifications and also get it customized as per the need and demand of customers. By far our two favourite brands for quality and longevity are Philips Lightingand Osram / Ledvance. If you are changing fittings and you already have a power-point in your ceiling, then the answer is also no . But even these lights are not 100% immune to flicker in some cases. In rare cases, they may flicker due to an under-loaded dimmer or transformer.

 Die casting aluminum ceiling downlight

LED Downlights need only a fraction of the electricity of traditional luminaires, so are energy efficient and cost saving. Choose the fire rating, beam angle, voltage, colour temperature and IP rating you need for the task. The recessed ceiling lights can be used in many rooms including bathrooms and can be used as kitchen downlights. downlight parts are wide-angled and run on patented lenses and reflectors to deliver high light output on large surface areas. downlight parts are fitted with high-quality LEDs with superior cooling technology, delivering high lumen maintenance, easy maintenance, and many years of quality lighting. downlight parts with many LED modules, flexible and quick installation, adjustable angle, quick response time, and great weather resistance.

Set the table and the ambiance with downlights that help you illuminate your dinner and the conversation. Use seamless lighting to enhance the beauty of your architectural design. Layer downlights with sparkling statement pieces to create a lively kitchen ready for everything from entertaining to eating. When it comes to large spaces like kitchens, great rooms and large offices, downlights can supplement or complement decorative statement pieces, like pendants or chandeliers. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. This simple form can be modified to produce three varieties of light, a golden glow from the middle, an uplight and a downlight. Juno AI controls any smart home device that works with Alexa. And it’s virtually invisible in your ceiling… so say goodbye to countertop clutter and crank up the music. Have you ever heard people say that LEDs are harmful to you? Many people question whether LEDs are harmful to your health because they are very different from other light bulbs currently on the market.

High power 180W recessed LED downlight, recessed 180W LED downlights, 180W LED ceiling light, 180W LED spotlight, high power 180W LED down light. 8-14 inch hole size optional, 180W PHILIPS COB LEDs, 21600Lm high brightness. High power 150W recessed LED downlight, recessed 150W LED downlights, 150W LED ceiling light, 150W LED spotlight, high power 150W LED down light. 8-14 inch hole size optional, 150W PHILIPS COB LEDs, 18000Lm high brightness. High power 120W recessed LED downlight, recessed 120W LED downlights, 120W LED ceiling light, 120W LED spotlight, high power 120W LED down light. 8-14 inch hole size optional, 120W PHILIPS COB LEDs, 15600Lm high brightness. High power 100W recessed LED downlight, recessed 100W LED downlights, 100W LED ceiling light, 100W LED spotlight, high power 100W LED down light. 6-14 inch hole size optional, 100W Philips COB LEDs, 13000Lm high brightness. Our private mold product, high power & large size LED downlights, be produced beginning in the 2016 year. They sell hot since that because they are made to conform to the international market needs.

Recessed downlights provide elegant, modern lighting in the dining room of a private residence in Ratingen, Germany. Most recessed lights are not compatible with insulation and oftentimes start cycling on/off after they have been buried with cellulose, foam, fiberglass, etc. The lights’ malfunction is a concern and a safety hazard. Pushing the insulation away is not an effective solution since it creates air passages in the building envelope and wastes energy. As the name suggests, this trim-type allows the beam-angle to be adjusted so you can let the focus lay where it is required the most. This trim-design is preferred more so for accent or wall-wash lighting needs.

Hanging downlights are perfect for rooms meant for entertaining. Typically hung in dining rooms, downlight lighting illuminates table-top meals and creates a warmer setting. Downlight chandeliers can be displayed in any room, since they come in all shades and sizes perfect for spot lighting. Different sized chandeliers will allow you to direct light in more than one single area if needed. You can find them as small as three lights or as big as six or more lights if you desire for your room. The style and shape of the lighting fixture you choose depends on your home and where the fixture will be used. The DECO DRT-6 Lumen+ unit is a six-inch LED recessed downlight kit delivering high performance white light optimized for new construction and retrofit applications.

John Cullen are very excited to announce our latest product – revolutionise your joinery lighting with the Minim. They can come as either a fixed downlight or directional version. Some are also available with different beam widths which add additional flexibility – narrow, medium or wide. The bezel shape can also be different from round, square to rectangle. IP ie waterproof versions are available for wet areas such as the bathroom. Understanding the color temperature of light is key in lighting design.

They can provide in-fill light as well as task lighting for example over a kitchen island. They work well with a combination of other architectural and decorative fittings in a layered lighting schemes. Take a look at our projects to see how we have used downlights. A family of 2.5″ to 8″ aperture luminaires, designed for flexibility with round or square apertures, multiple lumen outputs, beam spread options, and multiple trim and reflector finishes. LBR is everything you need in a downlight at an affordable price. Whether it’s the seamless install from-below design, abundant energy savings or maintaining glare-free aesthetics, LBR is the perfect solution for any renovation, remodel or new construction project. To top it off, LBR has a broad offering of aperture sizes, drivers, accessories, and switchable CCTs and lumens.

Come on over to Beacon Lighting and explore our wide range of recessed and surface mounted downlights, suitable for all interiors. Surface mounted downlights are ideal when you can’t drill holes into the ceiling. Like their name implies, they’re fixed on the surface of the ceiling eliminating the need for holes or gaps in the insulation above the ceiling. Philips Hue with Bluetooth is the easiest way to get started with smart lighting. Set the mood instantly with Bluetooth-enabled light fixtures and the Hue Bluetooth app, which allows you to control up to 10 lights in a room. The DRD5S redefines what’s possible for a surface mount downlight. Packed with technical breakthroughs, the ultra-thin DRD5S matches the elegance of a high-end recessed downlight. In addition, it’s more versatile because it can fit more applications, even those with limited plenum space. Please always refer to the installation instructions when installing your light. Whichever downlights you choose, they’re sure to have a shining impact, making your space sparkle with brilliant light.

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