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The Satec Digital controller allows the machine to perform low-cycle fatigue tests as well. The S-E UTM is used for a variety of research, teaching, and commercial testing applications, ranging from the testing of concrete cylinders, masonry prisms, manhole covers, to full-scale scaffolding and shoring systems. Stringent government regulations regarding quality of tensile strength of specimens are anticipated to boost the demand for tensile testing machines in end-use industries during the forecast period. There are several types of UTMs which exist under the larger umbrella of material testing systems.

If you’re looking for a blood sugar monitor without finger pricks, a noninvasive CGM can also measure your glucose. A blood sugar level of 99 mg/dL or below is considered normal for a fasting blood sugar test. For a glucose tolerance test, a level of 140 mg/dL is considered normal. If you do decide to purchase a glucose monitor or meter online, be sure you know the total costs up front, including any test strips, extra sensors, lancets, and accessories that may be sold separately. You might also consider setting up these accessories on an auto-ship basis so you don’t run out.

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We give you quality tools to produce as cost-effectively as possible, while meeting the highest standards. You will find it is possible to reduce time-to-market saving time on testing. Operation of the machine is by hydraulic transmission of load from the test specimen to a separately housed load indicator. The system is ideal since it replaces transmission of load through levers and knife edges, which are prone to wear and damage due to shock on rupture of test pieces. Main cylinder pressure is transmitted to the cylinder of the pendulum dynamometer system housed in the control panel.

Blood testing equipment market in Europe presents a substantial potential for growth over the forecast period. Rapid development of healthcare infrastructure in Germany, the U.K., and other countries is responsible for this presentation. Additionally, growing research and development activities to produce enhanced blood testing equipment will also propel the market growth in the region. According to FMI reports, North America is expected to continue to dominate the global blood testing equipment market over the assessment period.

Universal testing machines thereby provide a flexible solution for tests on a wide variety of materials and components for applications in any industry. Whether it be for low test forces or large loads, quality control, or research projects, universal testers provide excellent reproducibility of test results. The inspekt xanh material testing machines were designed for standard and routine tests.

Such expansions in the oil and gas and power generation industries can increase the demand for NDT equipment during the forecast period. For more information, or any query related to quality testing instruments, please connect with our customer care team at The machine enables an easy user experience with a HMI touchscreen display and feather-like touch. The screen allows the user to set test parameters, view test values during and after the test, and record test memories for future reference.

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