One Way Clutch Bearings

One Way Clutch bearings or Sprag style bearings are built from a drawn cup with needle roller grasps and have a little spiral area tallness. They are regularly called One Way Bearings, Anti-Reverse Bearings and Clutch bearings. The units are conservative, lightweight and work straightforwardly on a shaft; they are likewise reasonable for communicating high force. Boca Bearings offers Standard and Stainless Steel one way grip bearings just as OWC style One Way bearings in norm and treated steel, EWC Hex one way bearings, and CSK Sprag Type one way bearings accessible with avaialbe keyway alternatives for higher force capacities.

One Way Bearings are intended to send force between the shaft and lodging one way and permit free movement the other way. Legitimate mounting is handily refined with a basic press fit in the lodging. Grips and grasp and bearing gatherings are offered both in inch and metric series.

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Exceptional NOTES

• HFL series has two indispensable outspread bearings orchestrated on the two sides of needle roller grasp. They can along these lines support outspread powers in especially space-saving bearing plans.

• Plastic springs (HFL…KF) are accessible for certain sizes.

• Partially knurled external ring (HFL…R) is accessible upon demand.

• Only after the grasp and bearing gathering has been squeezed into the opening of the lodging, the drawn slim walled external ring could then get its last measurement and mathematical precision.

• The contagious force and the anxieties which can be taken by the lodging are dependent upon the material and the divider thickness of the lodging, and such information is required upon enquiry.

• The grip and bearing get together can be regularly utilized in temperature range from – 30°C to 120°C. For the work space above 70°C, oil grease is suggested.


• Torque can be sent by either the lodging or the shaft.

• Torque is emphatically communicated by rollers that wedge against inside slopes.

• Transition from free movement to lock happens with insignificant kickback or lost movement.

• Available as grasp just or as a grip and bearing get together.

• Clutch-just units ought to be utilized with outer outspread help to hold the shaft and lodging.


• Paper moving for copiers, fax machines, paper towel containers, and so forth

• Exercise gear

• Appliances

• Two-speed gearboxes

• Rack ordering drives

• Converters, non-return gadgets and supernatural grasps.

• Fishing Reels, RC Cars, RC Helis, RC Engines


Albeit the external cup of the grip is precisely drawn from strip steel, it can go somewhat out of round during heat treat. At the point when the gathering is squeezed into a ring gage or appropriately pre-arranged lodging of right size and divider thickness, it becomes round and appropriately measured. Direct estimation of the external breadth of a drawn cup gathering is an erroneous system. The legitimate review methodology is as per the following:

  1. Press the get together into a ring gage of the legitimate size as given in the even information.
  2. Gage the drag with the predefined plug gages of the legitimate size, as given in the tables of measurements.
  • The locking plug is pivoted to protect lockup when the grip is worked at low breaking point shaft and is mounted in a high cutoff lodging sufficiently able to appropriately measure

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