Once membrane switches are created, they need to be mounted or assembled to the equipment

machine they control. At this point, the switches are vulnerable to damage prior to mounting them. It is important to follow the specific mounting instructions to prevent damage .

Our low cost labor facility in Mexico supports OEMs in a broad array of industries while ensuring the most competitive prices on the market. This issue had caused us many issues and lost customer confidence. Xymox was very responsive and supplied their expertise to help us resolve the problem. Perpendicular tail – Prevents airborne contaminants and liquid splashes from entering your electronics cabinet at the edge of the switch.

Our ISO 9001 and ISO certified factories allow us to supply high quality membrane switch panels meeting the requirements of demanding applications. These switches are used on equipment to pass commands from users to electronic devices. Your computer keyboard or microwave oven will probably have a membrane switch to control its operation.. It is usually printed on PET with a conductive ink that includes silver and a conductive graphite layer to stop deterioration by corrosion. Importantly, membrane switches are generally divided between tactile and non-tactile button switches.

membrane switch

Conductive Epoxy – Conductive Epoxy 501 was developed for use as a conductive structural attachment for surface mounted devices on polyester circuitry, thermoplastic circuitry, and paper phenolic rigid laminates. This material forms a strong bond with these substrates and silver inked circuits. The material is available in a range of viscosities and is stencilable, screenable, and dispensable depending on the process used by the customer. Single Point LED Backlighting – Xymox membrane switches can be built with surface mount LEDs embedded into the switch package to provide a cost-effective way for backlighting.

Integration of a light sensor or timer within the circuit to switch the panel on and off can extend the effective life of the panel. Electroluminescent Lighting Panels are sensitive to moisture, humidity, and UV light, so these things need to be factored into the design of the panels. Membrane switches have replaced mechanical switches since they tend to be low-cost, user friendly and durable in multiple environments.

In truth, so many designers are making such creative custom membrane switch graphics that we often confuse them for touch screens. One of our most important differences is to produce membrane switches in accordance with the literature. At a bare minimum, membrane switches must possess at least two circuit layers in order to complete an electrical circuit. The vast majority of membrane switches, however, possess at least three to four layers.

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