Custom Membrane Switch Keypad Supplier

It is required for both the protection and to gain an attractive look. We can provide you the perfect keypads texture such as hard coated, glossy or antiglare. The outer layer can be made up of either polyester or polycarbonate. But we suggest that polyester films are more effective as they persist more flexible and resistant to external factors when compared to polycarbonate. Beside this, polyester also gives the professional outlooks for the certain applications. The outer layer can also possess extra process like creating stamps and print with lacquers.

The keypad is supplied to the customer completely assembled on a machined fibreglass backing panel with integrated nylon standoffs for ease of installation by the customer. Reid Print Technologie’s membrane keypads are engineered to withstand harsh environments. Our circuit designs utilise strict IP sensitive design elements implemented over many years in co operation with some of Australia’s best electronics engineers.

Membrane switch features include environmentally sealed, back-lighting, fiber-optic, LED, and dead front graphics. The company’s capabilities include graphic or switch designing, embossing, die-cutting, laminating, UV hard coating, and computer color matching. Hallmark Nameplate, Inc. manufactures and designs standard and custom electric controls, including chemical and weather-resistant pushbutton membrane switches.

graphic overlays

When AC current is applied to the electrodes, the current causes the phosphor to emit light. EL technology has a definite life cycle, and in a typical application the half life will be about 3000 hours. However, a polydome design doesn’t have any moving pieces or metal domes.Polydomes switchesare also known as polyester dome switch membranes or PET switches.

With a mature design and production team, HuaiSong provide professional solutions. In general, different customers have different membrane keyboards demands. Always, their requirements include appearance, colors, sizes, tactile feel, functions, and so on. Then, we will synthesize these with our production equipment and economic cost. After the customer selected us, we designed and manufactured membrane keypads.

Any custom assembly design your membrane switch requires can be built to your exact specifications, no matter how simple or complex. We focus on small- to medium-volume membrane switch production and work with customer-supplied casings or can source them to order. Dyna-Graphics Corporation designs and manufactures ready-to-use custom membrane switches based on your specifications. The company serves the telecommunication, medical, data processing, recorders, controllers, audio, video, and aerospace industries. In fact, as a membrane keypad manufacturer, all our products are cost-effective.

This enables the operator to communicate effectively with the instrumentation, equipment, or machinery. It consists of a polycarbonate overlay or a printed polyester that is adhered to a printed circuit. The Membrane Switch keypads are made in different Plastic Film material and double side adhesive with graphic printing and printed electronic circuit. Shanben’s membrane printed circuit works as a pressure sensor to be integrated as part of safety belt reminding system. High quality of design and manufacture helps Shanben’s product to pass thhe most stringent tests of the automotive industry.

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