Petrochemical ChemicalWorld

Lipo (Lithium Polymer Batteries) are employed in a lot of electronic devices. Composites are formed by combining polymeric materials to form an general structure with properties that differ from the sum of the individual elements. Efficiency polyethylene (PE) polymers are used in a quantity of applications such as packaging, agriculture, Continue Reading

Laminate Flooring In Species

Greenlam has usually taken pride in Design, Innovation & Good quality. Technically a grass rather than a wood, bamboo types its own unique grain pattern and can be worked into very challenging-wearing floorboards that appear and feel really equivalent to all-natural hardwood. Our variety has a fantastic colour choice covering Continue Reading

Double Disc Friction Screw Presses

Prominent & Leading Producer from Sundargarh, we provide impression mill crusher igm-1000, affect mill crusher igm-500, counter current intensive mixer, ccim-750 counter present intensive mixture and friction screw press. The torque to be applied necessitates correspondingly large and heavy motors which, apart from the truth that they have an unfavorable Continue Reading