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Listed below are the jam tracks I’ve made available for public use. You can play each track in your browser by clicking the play button or download them as mp3s by right-clicking the downward facing arrow and saving the target. The titles are also linked to appropriate articles. The recommended improvisation/soloing keys are listed along with the jam tracks and each track is arranged in the correct folder according to style.

Feel free to use these jam tracks or backing tracks in any way that complies with the Creative Commons – Attribution – Noncommercial – Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. That basically means you can do anything you like with these jam/backing tracks as long as you share your derivitive works under the same license and give me a link back. Unfortunately, you can’t use my Jam Tracks commercially.

Because hosting free jam tracks isn’t free:

Name Play Size Date Get DL’s
   Heavy Rock Jam – E Minor Pentatonic 1.964 mb 3-26-08 Download
   Slow Rock Jam – E Minor Pentatonic 2.148 mb 3-26-08 Download
   Quick Blues Shuffle – A Blues 2.145 mb 4-1-08 Download
   Slow Blues – Texas Flood – G Blues 3.007 mb 4-2-08 Download
   Slow Blues – The Thrill is Gone – B Blues 2.807 mb 4-6-08 Download
   Slow Blues – Born Under A Bad Sign – C# Blues 2.667 mb 4-7-08 Download
   Blues Rock – Loose and Quick – E Blues 3.699 mb 5-27-08 Download
   Funk Jam – Pick Up The Pieces – F Minor Pentatonic 2.557 mb 8-7-08 Download
   Rock Jam – Sweet Child o’ Mine Solo – E minor 2.491 mb 8-7-08 Download
   Two Beat Blues – Roving Bassline – A Blues 2.193 mb 8-7-08 Download
   Monkey’s Hat – Glass Cannon Funk – Bb and C Blues 4.976 mb 1-31-09 Download
   Cold Duck Time – Funky Jazz Blues – F Blues 3.028 mb 1-31-09 Download
   Jazz Blues Progression in Bb 2.766 mb 3-28-09 Download
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Download our backing tracks or jam tracks as mp3s in any of your favorite genres! These tracks are recorded professionally and are completely free!

Bonus tip! Download Audacity or Reaper and import the jam track. Now create a second track and use a computer microphone to record your solo! Now, head over to the guitar forums and let us hear what you’ve got! View a sample mp3 post to view a quick demo of how it works!

Legal notice: These backing tracks are provided free of charge to all users. These backing tracks are also not a literal representation of the associated songs whose copyrights I do not hold. These backing tracks are therefore to be considered “inspired by” and are subsequentially provided for educational use only