So you need to practice a bit more? Here’s how to make it count.

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Sometimes practicing is a lot tougher to do than it should be. You’re playing music, shouldn’t that be fun? If it’s a pain to play music, you should probably just take a break from playing music. But, if it’s a pain to practice, you’re not alone.

Here are some tips to help you out. Take them to heart. 

1. It’s not easy. Results aren’t immediate. Get over it.

Don’t give up once you realize that its tough.

A lot of people fall flat once they realize that playing guitar is difficult because they never really get over it. Besides, if it was easy, then everyone would be master guitarists. Take comfort in the fact that you are on a grand quest of sorts. You’ll achieve something that most people won’t because they give up too easily.

This goes for advanced players as well. Don’t give up on that idea that has been bouncing around for a while.

2. Turn off that distortion.

Listen to what you are really playing.

Do not practice alone with distortion on. Just don’t. Distortion hides mistakes. Challenge yourself by unplugging that distortion pedal and playing with a clean guitar tone, you may be surprised.

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3. Play what you like and…

4. …play something else.

Because variety keeps you from hitting that wall were you don’t advance.

A lot of guitarists report experiencing times when they don’t learn anything new and they are just re-hashing old material. It happens and it sucks. So break out some bluegrass music and play distortion guitar over top. Try writing a cheesy 80s love ballad. Play some jazz. Play something else.

5. Spend time playing in front of the tele.

It keeps the rust off without seeming like practice time.

Oddly enough, this helps alot. You probably won’t learn anything new this way, but you’ll strengthen your hands and improve your accuracy and speed.

The average 30 minute show is 21 minutes of programming and 9 minutes of advertising or guitar practice.

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