Guitar Culture

Guitar always may give us melodious sound, meanwhile not only guitar makes performer or guitarists joyful, but it also makes audiences relax and seemingly into vivid situation. Actually guitar means Chitarra in Italian and one kinds of plucked stringed musical instrument or saying fretted musical instrument with normally six of nylon or stainless steel strings, the shape is similar to violin. In fact, there are about 5 types of musical instruments such as Strings family guitar belonged, Woodwind family, Brass family, Percussion family, Keyboard family. Till now classic guitar, violin and piano are listed as three of famous and major musical instruments on the world. If we discuss about guitar culture as amateurs, I think we never stop and change the topic for a day time and whole night.

Origin of Guitar

About guitar’s ancestry, we may derive to ancient plucked string musical instruments of ancient Egyptian NeFer, old Babylon and old Persia (the name of old Iran) of two or three thousands years before BC. The oldest musical instrument similar to modern guitar being found by the archaeologist is about Hittite Guitar, which is found through site from Anatolia and north of Syrian around 1400 years before BC. 8 profile of guitar’s body confirmed its special sound resonance, and it is also the obvious feature to be distinctive with other musical instruments.

Development of Guitar

In 13th Century Spain, the word guitar had formed since slightly evolution of Spanish from Persia language. And during many kinds of musical instruments at that age, the Moorish guitar and the Latin guitar had been emerged and begun to play by guitarists. In meantime, Moorish guitar’s body is about oval shape and back is hump with metal strings. Its style of performance shows more rough. However Latin guitar shows different from Moorish guitar’s body, but the body shape is absolutely like 8 profile with flat base as same as modern’s.

On late 18th Century Lute and Vihuela (two types of classic guitars are derived from Renaissance in Europe, on 14th to 17th Centuries) had quit from historical stage slightly. Around 1800 A.D. the newest guitar of six strings attracts all of European by its clear harmony and convenient tuning. It was very popular at that time and showing golden age of classic guitar.

On early 19th Century, a lot of famous guitarists being active in Pairs, Vienna and London where is called Guitar Music Center, are Fernando Sor, Dionisio Aguado, Matteo Carcassi, Mauro Giuliani and Ferdinando Carulli. In meantime, Fernando Sor and Mauro Giuliani are not only famous guitarists, but they are also great musicians at that time. These prominent figures created and composed many of classic tracks by using classic guitar with six strings, and established foundation for future development of guitar with six strings. Especially, Fernando Sor, creating many of etudes and courses as excellent opus for guitar besides creating and composing music of opera and dance drama, is estimated as “Beethoven of Guitar Music” by Musical critics.

Musical Instruments Classification

According to different structures and vocal principle, Guitar may separately divide into three categories such as Wooden guitar (Steel-string Acoustic Guitar, Flamenco guitar), Electric guitar (standard electric guitar, bass guitar) and classic six strings guitar. And all of the musical instruments being called guitar with same feature and also being the key definition of guitar, namely means that chord of six strings guitar is EADGBE (from thick to thin string, or saying 6 to 1 string). For example, Ukulele, Lute guitar and Vihuela can not be called guitar due to their chord is not EADGBE and strings number are not six.

  1. Steel-string AcousticGuitar, is common one and very popular for application by citizens, amateurs of guitar. The regular Steel-string guitar is using chord nail or pins to fix strings on the bridge with keeping each string span 7mm.

  1. Classic Guitar, the original name is called six strings guitar, belongs to Classic plucked strings guitar with harp and lute together. It has good comments and appraisals by art domain so classic guitar is entitled as “three of famous musical instruments of world” with Piano and Violin together.

  1. Electric Guitar, it is the products depending on scientific and technological development. Normal guitar by fixing related electric unit such as effect, reverb, delay and phaser, forms modern electric guitar.

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